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07 March 2017

And so, after many, many months, I have made some time to finish my website... finally!

It's not that I haven't wanted to, but the amount of work I have been going through for the last 18 months has meant that this was just moved to the low priority list. But no more, I tells ya! There are many other blogs and articles on the net that state that any business (if they want to succeed) should ensure their web presence is bold, accurate and always updating. And my web page has been some akin to an "arriving soon, email me at...".

So I have heeded the advice, and created a website. This has pushed me further into the web design area, increasing my knowledge of the Adobe  Creative Cloud, particularly the Muse software. And it seems quite the robust web site builder with all the expected tools and processes that anyone with familiarity to Indesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop should be able to handle with ease.

Choosing what to actually have on the website is another thing. I see that a lot of agencies have quite the minimal front page, and generally it is just a fancy portfolio. But I'm not selling an agency, I'm selling me. (Gulp!) And I hope I can do a good job of that. So you see me on this website, and you get to see the guy behind the design. You can meet the guy who will ensure the project is delivered on time. You can work with the guy who can support your business and your bottom line on any brilliant project you have.


It is generally against my nature to be so forward, but after working with many designers, studios, agencies and clients. I know that my skills have been perfect to enhance so many projects over the years. From design (and all that entails), client relations, project management, and delivery of the licorice-all-sorts of projects, I expect to be able to provide any of these services at top-notch quality levels.

So if I have waxed too lyrical about my skills and abilities, I apologise (a little). Truly, I am just here to help.

My business model had started out as a support to the design agencies in and around Canberra. And I still continue to maintain that direction. But sometimes, just sometimes, I land a fish of my own.

Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. So was working at a large agency for 7 years whose staff turnover is around 30 per cent per year. That might not seem the best for that business, but it certainly gave me a lot of contacts in the design industry. Those who moved on, found that they needed that guy who could get things done, on time and on budget. And my range of skills is a fair bit broader than even your not-so-average designer. When I left that agency to work for myself, I found that I could support all those people again, offering the services and skills that support agencies whose designers do amazing things but need those extra little things done.

These great people are fantastic at what they do, I have seen some amazing design work from my agency-clients. I have all respect for the brilliant work they produce. But I know that designers in general hate Microsoft Word and PPT, and prefer to creative side of things, and not the tedious or technical aspects of typesetting 200 pages or making a document compliant to WCAG2.0 accessibility standards.

Now it comes to a time where these services really should be on display. And, like so many of the agencies that I service, I think it would be great to get a bit more exposure to generate a bit more work. Isn't that why everyone has a website?

In that word-of-mouth promotional style, prospective clients want to see what a prospective service provider can do. That's only natural! So now I have a better opportunity to make sure the world knows that I exist and the quality of the work that I produce with my clients.

So instead of working every day for clients I made some time to get this website off the ground.

I'll get more portfolio work on here as time goes by, more blog posts (I'm actually not familiar with social media integration with Muse), so stay tuned here while I make things happen.

Let me know your thoughts! Do you agree or disagree?

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Address : 38 Murray Street Karabar NSW 2620

Phone : 0410 560 505

Skype : the.fulfords

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